EDUonMED project


EDUonMED is an ERASMUS+ project aiming to raise awareness and provide vocational training for professionals working with refugees and migrants, on matters related to medicine and intercultural communication.

The project is implemented by GIVMED, CESIE & GrowthCoop, which are organizations located in Greece, Italy and Spain accordingly.

Through the project, professionals working with migrants and refugees can acquire communicative and interactional skill sets as a way of overcoming cultural and linguistic difficulties vis-a-vis medicine and pharmaceutical needs. Getting the appropriate knowledge will help those professionals respond effectively when interacting with vulnerable persons who come with a different background.

Taking into consideration the aforementioned, the objectives of the EDUonMED project focus on:
  • Bridging intercultural, intergenerational and social divides by improving the intercultural communicative competences of professionals dealing with refugees and migration in Southern European countries.
  • Focusing on the physical and mental health of refugees and migrants and their wellbeing through the acquired skills of the participants.
  • Contributing to the integration of refugee and migrant communities in the host societies by fostering social inclusion and intercultural understanding.

Under this multidisciplinary approach, the project aspires to foster inclusion and diversity, to offer high quality learning opportunities for adults and to improve professional skills by also promoting greater cultural understanding and respect among refugees, migrants, public authorities and humanitarian workers in health and pharmaceutical matters.

In the framework of the programme, the following will be made available from April 2022 and onwards, for professionals working with refugees and migrants:

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